Apple Plans iOS 17 Update To Fix iPhone Overheating Bug

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Apple planning iOS 17 fix for iPhone overheating issue after reports of phones becoming almost too hot to touch

Apple has said it plans to issue a software update to iOS 17, the most recent version of its iPhone operating system, to fix issues with iPhone 15 overheating that it blamed on iOS as well as bugs in apps.

Users and journalists had widely reported the overheating issues, which were said to make the newest version of the iPhone almost too hot to touch while in situations such as fast charging.

Some users had reported on social media that iOS 17, released last month at the same time as the iPhone 15 range, was also causing problems with other iPhone models.

“I now have battery issues with all of my devices that I didn’t have before,” one user wrote on Reddit.

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‘Warmer than expected’

Apple noted that several factors can cause the iPhone to run “warmer than expected”, including an initial set-up period of several days during which the devices typically carry out “increased background activity”.

“We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update,” the company said.

It said “some recent updates to third-party apps” were also causing them to overload the system, and that it was working with app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out.

Apple said problematic apps include Instagram, Uber and the video game Asphalt 9.

Third-party apps

Instagram released a fix for the overheating issue last week.

The iPhone maker said the new phones’ redesigned titanium enclosure isn’t related to the overheating issues, nor is the new USB-C connector introduced to comply with EU regulations.

The titanium material replaced the stainless steel casings of older iPhone models.

It said the iOS 17 update wouldn’t reduce the phone’s performance.