Samsung Salvages Galaxy Note 7 With ‘Fan Edition’ Re-Release

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will make use of recycled and unused phone parts

Samsung has effectively salvaged its problematic Galaxy Note 7 and released a new phone made with part of the old handset that do not have a tendency to catch fire.

The Galaxy Note 7 ‘Fan Edition’ is essentially Samsung’s critically acclaimed ‘phablet’ handset created with unused parts and those gathered from mobiles it recalled when a battery fault was discovered in the original Galaxy Note 7 that caused the handset to overheat.

Galaxy Note 7 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7When reports of exploding batteries were first reported, Samsung was forced to issue a major recall of its flagship handset, expanding  the scale of the response to a global recall as more incidents were reported. The company essentially disabled devices that were not returned by customers

With millions of devices recalled due to the battery fault, Samsung had a whole lot of phones burning a hole in its finances rather than the pockets of its customers

The South Korean electronics giant faced criticism over the environmental impact of creating millions of handset that would go unused, so by recycling safe parts form its supply chain and recalled devices, Samsung is going someway to mitigate the environmental impact of the original Galaxy Note 7 recall. 

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 7 was well received combining features form Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy S7 smartphone with a larger form factor and a stylus for people who wanted a smartphone that has some of the productivity features of a tablet. 

As such the Fan Edition of the Galaxy Note 7 should ease the disappointment the recall may have caused Samsung phone fans. Fans will be pleased to note that the new Fan Edition comes with a larger 3,500mAh battery that has been rigorously tested by Samsung to pass strict safety tests. 

 The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition is set to hit the shelves of South Korea phone stores for a price of approximately £472, three-quarters of the price of the original handset. 

Some may wish to hold off trying to chase down the Fan Edition as Samsung is rumoured to be releasing the Galaxy Note 8 towards the end of the year. 

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