Samsung Launches Super-Slim All-Metal Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7

At just 6.3mm thick and packing a 5.5in HD screen, the device could well be testing board for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has extended its range of all-metal smartphones with the launch of the super-sized Galaxy A7.

The 5.5in device follows the launch of the A3 and A5 devices last October, which had been the company’s slimmest smartphones to date, but trumps these by measuring just 6.3mm across and weighing just 141g.

Samsung says the A7 is a premium device, featuring top-end hardware including a Super AMOLED HD screen and a multicore processor that combines two separate quad core processors, enabling users to quickly and easily perform data intensive tasks, alongside 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, and a 2,600mAh battery.

Running Android 4.4.4 KitKat, the LTE-enabled device also features Samsung’s ‘Always Clear Voice Auto Control’ to reduce noise from the surrounding environment, and also offers a Private Mode, which adds an extra layer of security for important files and documents.

Samsung Galaxy A7Slimline

For photo fans, the A7 packs a 13MP rear camera alongside a 5MP front lens with a range of special features to help users take the perfect selfie, including ‘Auto Selfie’ mode, which make it possible to take a photograph using only a voice command or even a simple wave of the hand.

“We strive to develop devices that appeal to a broad range of consumers and are ahead of the next big social trend,” said JK Shin, CEO and head of IT & mobile communication at Samsung Electronics. “Combining both a stunning metallic design and a powerful performance, the Galaxy A7 is stylish while delivering the superior user experience.”

The A7’s launch comes as many industry watchers anticipate the coming of Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S6. The company revealed in its last set of results that falling smartphone sales had damaged its overall financial returns, leading many to presume the S6 would arrive sooner than expected, possibly even at Mobile World Congress in March.

But reports last month seemed to suggest that Samsung would instead launch a family of new budget smartphones, the entry-level Galaxy J range, as it looks to claw back some of its hold in the worldwide market.

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Samsung Galaxy A7

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Samsung Galaxy A7