CES 2020: Amazon’s Ring Adds Gadgets, Tightens Security

Ring Access Controller Pro. Ring

Amazon-owned Ring launches electronic gate-unlocking gadget and announces security feature to keep intruders out of smart home devices

Amazon-owned Ring has responded to criticism of the security of its home security devices by introducing new control features to the Ring app.

Ring made headlines last year following a number of incidents in which unauthorised third parties were able to access Ring devices, in some cases viewing the users’ children and speaking to them via a Ring device speaker.

Ring said the intruders had accessed the devices using credentials that had been reused elsewhere and then leaked in data breaches.

The company was also criticised for its partnerships with police departments around the US, giving them access to Ring feeds.

Ring Access Controller Pro. Ring
Ring Access Controller Pro. Ring


At the CES electronics fair in Las Vegas this week, Ring said it would introduce a Control Centre feature allowing users to manage which devices can access Ring services and to opt-out of receiving video requests from police departments.

Ring said it would add more features to Control Centre in the future.  The feature is expected to become available on the Ring app later this month.

The company also rolled out a number of new electronic gadgets, beginning with Ring Access Controller Pro, which allows a user to remotely unlock and open an electronic gate directly from the Ring app, after viewing who’s there from a Ring camera or camera-equipped doorbell.

The controller is available right away in on Amazon.com for $299 (£227), or bundled with the Stick Up Cam Battery, a battery-powered camera, for $398.99.

It works with the Key by Amazon service, which allows couriers to enter a property to securely deliver orders.

Ring smart lightbulb. Ring
Ring smart lightbulb. Ring

Smart lightbulbs

Ring also announced smart LED lightbulbs for its Alexa-enabled lighting range, including the A19 and PAR38 bulbs for indoor and outdoor use.

The bulbs can be connected and managed via the Ring Bridge controller.

The bulbs can be linked to Ring’s video cameras, so that one or a group of the bulbs light up when the camera detects motion.

No pricing was disclosed for the new bulbs, which are to become available later this year.

The company has also announced solar-powered versions of its floodlight, step light and path light, which include solar panels that charge the lights’ batteries.

Pricing wasn’t disclosed for the Solar Floodlight, Solar Steplight and Solar Pathlight, which are set for launch later this year.

Ring solar-powered floodlight. Ring
Ring solar-powered floodlight. Ring