Poll: What Should Be The Biggest Consideration When Devising A Mobile Strategy?

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It’s simply not an option for businesses to go mobile these days but what is the biggest issue when devising a strategy for your company?

In an age of ubiquitous connectivity, smartphones and cloud applications, having a mobile strategy in place for your company is essential.

Employees want to work more flexibly – at home or on the go – and giving them all the information they need at their fingertips can make them more productive.

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Going mobile

using mobile appsBut this brings its own dangers. Unmanaged devices free from the control of IT departments create all kinds of security issues, while even managed smartphones are additional attack vectors and information must be controlled.

Workers bring their own risks – lost devices, accidental leaks and shadow IT are but three that spring to mind. But be too restrictive and employees will be resentful and might not use the applications and devices they are given.

But what do you think is the biggest consideration when devising a mobile strategy? Security, compliance, usability or something else? We want to know in our poll below!

What should be the biggest consideration when devising a mobile strategy?

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