MWC 2016: Oppo’s ‘World’s Fastest Phone Charger’ Can Fill Battery In 15 Mins

oppo smart charge

Oppo ‘Flash Charge’ can give ten hours of talk time after just five minutes of charging

Chinese manufacturer Oppo says its fast-charging technology can revive dying devices faster than ever and wants to expand globally.

Its Super VOOC Flash Charge technology can apparently provide a full 10 hours of talk time with only five minutes of charging, and is able to fill a 2500mAh battery in only 15 minutes.

In comparison, most of the leading smartphones on the market today are only able to provide a similar amount of battery life after around half an hour of charging.

Power up

smartphone batteryAvailable on micro USB or Type-C devices, Super VOOC Flash Charge is able to give so much thanks to a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm, ensuring a low-temperature charge that’s safe for the battery and dynamically regulating the current to charge the phone in the shortest time possible.

The algorithm has been specially designed to work at a safely low temperature, meaning that users can continue to use their devices whilst charging, even if playing a game or watching video, which many current fast charging technologies do not allow.

Oppo is providing the algorithm along with a companion customised ‘super battery’, as well as a new adapter, cable and connector made using premium, military-grade materials.

“With our commitment to equipping consumers with the best technology, Oppo invests great efforts in technological innovation,” said Sky Li, Oppo vice president.

“We are excited to share these breakthrough technologies with the world at MWC 2016 — they’re the result of our commitment to listening to consumers and valuing their feedback to create more delightful user experiences for them in the future.”

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