iOS 9.3 Adds Night Mode And Education Tools

Spend the end of your day checking emails? iOS 9.3 will make it easier to get to sleep

Apple is introducing a new mode that makes it easier for iPhone users to a good night’s sleep in iOS 9.3, alongside new capabilities for CarPlay and education tools for schools.

‘Night Shift’ helps reduce exposure to blue light, which can affect sleep, by using an iPhone’s GPS and clock to determine when sunset is in a particular location. At this time, the iPhone’s colours change to the ‘warmer’ end of the spectrum and then revert to normal in the morning.

Other improvements for consumers include Touch ID and PIN-protected notes, more relevant stories in Apple News and a new ‘nearby’ feature in CarPlay, which serves up restaurant, petrol stations and other services close to a driver’s location.

iOS 9.3

iphone 6SOne of Apple’s main priorities at the minute is getting the iPad into more business and public sector environments as it seeks to offset slowing growth in the consumer tablet market. Schools are part of that strategy and it is hoped iOS 9.3 will make the iPad more attractive to educators.

A new administration console helps schools create Apple IDs for teachers and students, create course materials and prepare iPads for mobile device management (MDM).

Students can log into any iPad with an Apple ID, a feature not yet available to consumers, where they can access the same information and pick up where they left off. Teachers will also have a new ‘Classroom’ app that lets them see what pupils are doing, share work on the big screen and lock certain apps.

Like previous versions of the operating system, iOS 9.3 is available as a beta. The current version, iOS 9.2, was released in December, serving up enhancements for Apple Music, MailDrop and fixing a number of security flaws.

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