Startup Showcase: InfoTrack

Scott Bozinis, CEO of Proptech firm InfoTrack talks to Silicon about he plans to become a market leader in the UK

What is your company and what do you do?  

I’m the CEO of InfoTrack and our goal is to challenge and evolve the way technology is used in the legal industry. We use tech constantly in our personal lives, and at InfoTrack we believe that technology in the professional sphere should deliver that same convenience.

This is why we’ve taken advantage of the gap in the legal market for an information provider as an opportunity to help conveyancers and solicitors in their day-to-day roles by providing convenient, easy to use, innovative technology.  

For conveyancers, InfoTrack provides a single system to perform their conveyancing tasks and to eliminate the inefficiency and frustration of interacting with multiple organisations involved in property transactions, including Land Registry and HMRC.  

Scott Bozonis InfoTrack

For solicitors we offer a range of Companies House and insolvency reports, information on individuals and local and global organisations, as well as fulfilling AML and due diligence requirements. 

The beauty of our technology is that we save our clients time and provide them with a beautifully simple and efficient way of working. They can access everything they need in one place from property to company information, due diligence and workflow tools, and we give them no reason to go elsewhere.  

Tell us a bit about your career to date 

Having studied and worked as an engineer, I joined InfoTrack following acquisition of my personal software project, FileTrack. Over the next 5 years I spent as CTO at InfoTrack Australia, we grew rapidly to become the market leading information broker. In 2015, I then moved to England to open the first overseas InfoTrack office in London.

I have learned a lot in three years about the UK legal market and also how technology has previously let firms down and disappointed them, so my focus is very much on developing smart and enjoyable technology to meet the needs of this industry.  

What services or products do you offer and how will businesses and/or consumers benefit? 

We offer everything a conveyancer or property lawyer needs to complete a transaction, from managing their post-completion tasks to Title and Property searches, indemnities and AML, as well as services for the corporate market, including searches on companies and individuals, and workflow tools including electronic document signing and data visualisation.  

We’re unique in that we are the only provider to cover such a range of products in a single place. Our clients consist mainly of law firms, whose daily roles often include process heavy work and administrative tasks, our aim is to make these more efficient, reduce human error enabling clients to remain compliant with due diligence requirements as well as providing a competitive edge and a better and faster way to work using enjoyable technology. 

 Say one thing your company does that no one else can do? 

We offer post-completion on a property in under 5 minutes, where this has previously taken up to an hour per conveyance. No other provider offers the submission of the SDLT and AP1 forms with a direct connection to the Land Registry and the use of pre-population to make this process incredibly efficient and show a huge reduction in requisitions and cancellations.

No one else in the market offers this combination of products with the benefits of pre-populated data. Our technology is intuitive and enjoyable to use, requiring little to no training, our clients can pick it up and run with it.

It also slots into a variety of popular case management systems including VisualFiles, SOS, Tikit, Mattersphere, LEAP and more. This allows clients to eliminate rekeying, file all disbursements and store all related documents in an easy to access manner.  

Further to this, we have daily releases, so our system is extremely flexible and we are constantly releasing updates, fixes and new products every day, and I believe much of our success is due to our agile approach and these constant releases. 

Where is the company based and why? 

We’re based in Waterloo, London. We launched InfoTrack in the UK in July 2015 and chose to settle in London because it’s such a vibrant city and an exciting place for a growing tech company to be based. Also, as InfoTrack is an online platform our clients can access us online from wherever they are, so our geographical location isn’t really an issue. 

How big is your company and what are your technology demands? 

We have 200 staff in the UK, servicing over 1200 clients. We expect that our staff number will grow by at least 50% in the next 12 months.  

Where do you see your company in five years? 

InfoTrack will be a market leader in PropTech here in the UK. I would like InfoTrack to be a key driving force behind giving law firms not just industry leading software, but some of the best software available to the legal industry globally, enabling them to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Which tech company do you admire and why? 

Apple. It’s such a cliché, but they produce beautiful, simple software for everyone.