Snapchat Steps Up Security With Two-Factor Authentication

More secure login process helps protect Snapchat user accounts

Snapchat has taken steps to shore up its security provisions with the release of a new update that it hopes will ensure its accounts are not accessed by anyone but the user.

In its latest update, the instant-messaging app has included the ability to enable two-factor authentication when logging in, offering a greater level of security than in previous versions.

Safe and sound

snapchatThose users who choose to activate the new function, which can be accessed via the Settings menu, will now need to enter a six digit code when signing in from any device that hasn’t previously been used with the app.

This code will be sent via SMS to the phone number linked to a user’s Snapchat account, meaning there should be less chance of anyone except them accessing personal files.

Users can now also create a recovery code to keep someplace safe in the event that you lose or damage your phone.

The update, which is available now for iOS and Android users to install from their respective app stores, also makes it possible to switch between rear and front cameras while recording a video.

There’s also a new battery filter which will allow users to share the status of their battery life using an image overlay.

The update will hopefully encourage more users to download the app, which was recently rumoured to be scouting out a £325m ($500m) round of funding which could value the company at nearly £13bn ($19bn).

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