Android For Work Signs Up The World’s ‘Most Secure’ Smartphone

Silent Circle’s security-focused Blackphone 2 will be one of the first to run Google’s new business program

Google’s Android for Work initiative has gained another significant partner, as security specialist Silent Circle announces its support.

The company has said its Blackphone 2 device, first revealed at Mobile World Congress, will be made available for Google’s new business-focused platform via its Silent OS software.

“With support for Android for Work, companies can strike their own balance of control over data and connectivity with established productivity services that are used throughout enterprise,” said David Puron, Blackphone’s SVP of engineering and devices.


Blackphone 2Set to launch this September, the Blackphone 2 (pictured left) looks to improve on Silent Circle’s first device by offering enterprises ‘privacy without compromise’. It is said to integrate seamlessly with existing MDM systems like Citrix and has a faster processor, more RAM, a longer lasting battery, and a larger display than the Blackphone.

Officially launched back in February, Android for Work looks to provide businesses with a simple way to manage and secure enterprise devices, offering customisable options that look to appeal to a wide variety of industries.

A number of enterprise mobile management and application providers have already confirmed their support for Android for Work, including SAP, BlackBerry, AirWatch, Box and Salesforce, as well as major manufacturers like Samsung, HP and LG.

Administrators can secure and manage data and apps in the work profile with users safe in the knowledge that their personal information is not being monitored, a proposal that Silent Circle was all too happy to get behind.

“Privacy is about being able to decide and control what information to share and how you share it,” said Bill Conner, President and CEO of Silent Circle. “We’re delighted to join the Android for Work program.  It’s a significant step forward in Silent Circle’s development which enables us to deliver privacy and security to a broader enterprise customer base, while meeting their need for the wide-ranging apps and services provided by Google.”

Android for Work will run on any device running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, although at least Lollipop 5.0 is required to take advantage of all its features, such as work profiles.

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