Facebook Simplifies Messenger App

Redesigned to make mobile app more streamlined with a simplified user interface

Facebook has redesigned its Messenger app to include a more simplified look and feel that it hopes will resonate with its users.

Messenger 4 will gradually be rolled out globally over the coming weeks, as Facebook says that its studies have shown that users value simplicity to help them maintain close contact with friends.

The social network is hoping to have learned any lessons from rivals after witnessing the hugely negative response to Snapchat’s redesign earlier this year.

Simplified design

Facebook says that with the new Messenger there are three tabs instead of nine, with the mobile app for both Android and iOS.

“Your conversations – both one-to-one and groups – are front and centre in the Chats tab,” wrote Facebook’s VP of Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky in a blog post.

There is also a smaller camera icon for the user to take photos or video for sharing. Meanwhile the People tab allows you to see who’s currently online and watch your friends’ Stories

The third tab is Discover, which collects all the Messenger functions, such as news, connecting with brands and businesses, playing Instant Games etc.

And Facebook wants to allow people to customise the look and feel, so it has added the ability to include colour gradients to chat messages.

A Dark Mode will also be introduced “in the near future”.

An even simpler design is available on Facebook Messenger Lite.

Facebook Messenger is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but it still lags behind another of Facebook’s services, namely its WhatsApp subsidiary.

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