Facebook Messenger ‘Plans’ In-Store Payments


Next evolution of Facebook Messenger looks to add direct payments and secret conversations

Facebook is planning to introduce a direct payments function into Messenger meaning that users could pay for goods and services straight from retailers without needing to leave the app.

The function will allow users to “pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item”, according to a code description for the next version of the iOS app.

The code, spotted by The Information, also possibly revealed a new secret chat service that would provide extra security for all your conversations. TechWeekEurope has contacted Facebook for further details.


digital wallet online shoppingFacebook is expanding into a number of new markets and services using Messenger, which has around 800 million users worldwide.

Back in January, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he would be in favour of teaming up with mobile payments services such as Apple Pay to make buying goods online quicker.

Interestingly, Apple’s service revealed last week that it was planning a similar out-of-app expansion, which would allow users to pay for goods on retailer websites by using TouchID to authenticate a payment.

Last August, the company revealed Facebook M, a digital assistant that lives within Messenger and is able to use knowledge about the user to provide recommendations and suggestions, including buying items, arrange deliveries, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments “and way more”.

Facebook has also revealed that mobile users will also be able to send money to their contacts via Messenger simply by registering their card details.

There was also the launch of Messenger for Businesses, a new service which will allow companies to interact with their customers via Facebook. The service can also help customers, allowing them to receive updates about online shopping orders and delivery times, as well as being able to ask businesses questions about products or services.

These all form part of the wider launch of Messenger as a Platform, an expansion to Messenger which Facebook hopes will expand its reach outside of the social network and on to other sites.

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