How Enterprise Mobile Apps Can Improve The Bottom Line

Claire Galbois, director of cloud solutions at Accellion, a developer of enterprise software for mobile file sharing, describes three ways enterprise mobile apps can provide value for money

There is a distinct lack of enterprise-grade mobile apps in organisations today, despite the fact that consumer app stores continue to grow at exponential rates, and enterprise employees use multiple devices a day. Enterprises should strive to shift this trend, because of the benefits they can see from implementing strategic mobile policies. Here are three areas to emphasise how a mobile policy that includes enterprise-grade apps can improve an organisation:

Enhanced Security

mobile appsEmployees are using mobile devices for work activities, whether its been sanctioned by their organisation or not, because employees want the ability to work wherever. However, when they’re using the same consumer apps to share vacation photos, and confidential work documentation, your enterprise has the potential for a major security breach. If you deploy enterprise-grade mobile apps to help your employees share confidential contracts with partners or track deal data through CRM solutions, you will improve the security of your business data. In the process, you will make your company less likely to risk a data leak or breach.

Improved Efficiency

Improved productivity is the second big benefit that enterprises should consider when they’re determining how to put together a policy or plan that includes business-specific mobile apps. US Census data shows that in the past 20 years, workers have increased their productivity by 25 percent, due to the availability of mobile technology that enables them to work more flexibly. Deploying specific enterprise-grade apps will encourage more workers to utilise mobile technologies, enabling them to work wherever they are, and get daily tasks done more efficiently.

Increased ROI

By increasing data security, and improving productivity, enterprises will see rapidly growing ROI on their mobile investments. In data sourced by ESG, enterprises saw an average ROI of 372 percent in five months, after deploying an enterprise-grade mobile file sharing solution, as opposed to allowing their employees to utilise consumer-grade solutions ad hoc. The ROI is recognised not just in employees getting more work done quickly, but by avoiding a data leak. The average cost to a company for a data breach was £2,238,000, according to Ponemon Research. Avoiding that by deploying enterprise-grade mobile apps for day-to-day work with business content and information is a no-brainer.

Enterprise mobile apps can be customised to fit the exact workflows your employees need, making your organisation more secure, and more productive. If your business has yet to start benefiting from enterprise apps, use these three points to clear the way and show executives how a strong mobile strategy with customised apps can improve the bottom line!

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