EE Offers Free Apple Music To 4G Subscribers


EE agrees another content deal to ensure it maintains 4G lead, while Apple Music gets chance to expand reach in the UK

EE is offering new and upgrading 4G customers a free six month subscription to Apple Music in a bid to attract and retain more customers and show off the ability of its LTE network.

The operator recently launched a similar offer for BT Sport and has previously offered inclusive access to another music streaming service, Deezer.

Apple has agreed similar deals with other mobile operators around the world but this is the first time it has partnered with a UK provider.

EE Apple Music

EE Apple MusicGiven EE has more than 16.7 million 4G subscribers, that’s a significant number of people that might decide to keep their Apple Music subscription after the free six months expires. Apple Music currently has 15 million paying subscribers and costs £9.99 a month.

“As the UK’s biggest and fastest network, our focus is on bringing our customers the best 4G coverage in the most places,” said Marc Allera, EE CEO. “But we also look to bring our customers services from the best companies in the world. In Apple Music there is no doubt that we have found that, and together we’ll provide customers with an outstanding music experience on the biggest and fastest mobile network in the UK.”

The offer goes live on 1 September and is available to both pay monthly and SIM only subscribers and users can listen to Apple music across all platforms, including PC, not just on their iOS and Android device.

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Content carrot

Vodafone has employed a similar content strategy in a bid to attract users, offering inclusive Netflix, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify to its 4G subscribers.

“The deal is a coup for EE that will strengthen its position at the premium end of the market. It will hope to encourage upgrade, boost retention and drive migration to higher data packages,” added Kester Mann, analyst at CCS Insight. “The timing, just weeks before the rumoured launch of the iPhone 7, is particularly favourable.

“Coverage and speed has so far dominated EE’s marketing, but this advantage will eventually narrow. It has moved swiftly to capitalise on the increasingly relevant content market, which should be applauded.

“For Apple, the deal reinforces an accelerating emphasis on services, which now represent its second-biggest product category behind the iPhone. It will also hope the agreement brings added energy to the launch of the next iPhone, which rumours suggest will bring only incremental design improvements.”

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