BlackBerry Hub And Other Apps Arrive On Android

BlackBerry Hub+ gives Android users a 30 day free trial as cross-platform strategy continues

The BlackBerry Hub app can now be downloaded onto any Android smartphone running version 6.0 Marshmallow or later as the company accelerates its cross-platform software strategy.

Previously exclusive to BlackBerry 10 OS and the company’s Android handsets such as the Priv and the recently announced DTEK50, the Hub unifies emails and social posts, making it easier to stay on top of communications.

The Hub+ suite also comprises BlackBerry’s calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, device search, app launcher and password keeper. Users can either download all the apps or just the ones they want.

BlackBery Hub+

blackberry classic hubA free 30 day trial is being offered by the company, after which users can either keep the apps for free on an ad-supported basis or pay 99 cents a month for the premium experience.

“An important initiative of the Mobility Solutions unit is a software strategy that combines BlackBerry’s strength in security, engineering savvy and device experience,” explained Ralph Pini, chief operating officer of BlackBerry’s devices division. “The result – the ability to extend the best of BlackBerry’s secure communications and productivity features to any Android M consumer, enterprise or government customer.”

“Our customers have always raved about the unique experience of our proprietary productivity apps such as the BlackBerry Hub, calendar and contacts, amongst others. I’m excited that we’re now able to offer these amazing features to all Android users that demand the most out of their smartphones.”

Once the industry leader in smartphones, BlackBerry’s handset sales have dwindled in recent years, leading CEO John Chen to embark on a cross-platform services, security and software strategy. Its mobile device management platform can now manage all manner of devices, while BlackBerry Messenger has been available on iOS and Android for some time.

The company is still losing money and the future of its smartphone division uncertain, but it did post a “record” quarter for the software and services unit however.

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