Barclays Launches Tap And Go Android Payment App

Contactless Mobile - Barclays Now Image 3

UK bank signals split from Android Pay with new “Contactless Mobile” service allowing payments up to £100 from June

Barclays customers will soon be available to pay for their purchases using their Android smartphone.

The Barclays Contactless Mobile App allows users to make contactless payments of up to £30 simply by tapping their device on a compatible reader and larger transactions of up to £100 can be completed by entering a PIN number.

The service is contained within Barclays’ existing mobile app and works with any NFC-enabled Android device at more than 400,000 contactless terminals across the UK.

Tap tap

Contactless Mobile - Barclays Now Image 1The bank claims more than five million customers using the app, which is accessed 27 times a month by the average user.

“Giving customers the choice about how to make everyday payments while making it really easy for people to use our services is why we’ve designed this new contactless payment functionality which will sit at the heart of our already popular mobile banking app,” said Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays UK.

The app will roll out in June, with Barclays contacting customers directly when the service becomes available.

Barclays has marched to its own tune when it comes to mobile payments, with most banks and building societies opting to use Android Pay and Apple Pay. Barclays was one of the last major UK banks to support Apple’s platform and has no plans to adopt Google’s service at all. Instead the bank has focused on its own applications, including Pingit.

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