Lenovo Teases Dual Screen ‘Magic’ Smartwatch Concept


Lenovo’s ‘Magic View’ smartwatch will project a second screen, making it “more usable” than competitors

PC maker Lenovo plans to release a smartwatch with two screens, claiming the device will be “more usable” than its competitors.

The product was outlined at Lenovo’s Tech World in Beijing, the company’s first global summit. At the event, Lenovo illustrated its future research and product directions, which also include smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Virtual image

Lenovo’s planned smartwatch is dubbed ‘Magic View’, and will have two screens, a regular smartwatch face and another that projects a virtual image that is larger than the regular screen.

Lenovo said: “Magic View is the first smartwatch with two screens. The second screen removes the limitations from the physical dimensions of the main screen. It uses optical reflection to create a virtual image and allows users to see a virtual display more than 20 times larger than the watch face display. For example, they can follow a map, view photos or even watch a video.

“It gives users large enough visuals and immersive experiences, unlike smartwatches of today. Lenovo worked with key technical partners as well as designing its own silicon chip to miniaturise the components without sacrificing performance.”

More details on the watch are scarce, but Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said that his firm will bring “unique innovation” to its customers.

Celebrity Ashton Kutcher helped design Lenovo’s latest tablet that also feature a projector

Yuanqing said: “Lenovo has a unique position in our industry because we can deliver the devices, smart connectivity and infrastructure required to create a great user experience and satisfy real user needs. Even more, we talk to our fans everyday about how we can innovate together. They are our partners in defining the future of technology.”

Lenovo also showed off its ‘Smart Cast’ concept, presumably what will be used on the smartwatch, on a smartphone with a built-in laser projector. The firm said users will be able to project a large virtual touch screen onto a table to type with a virtual keyboard and work with apps such as calculators, drawing apps, and even Microsoft PowerPoint. To prove the concept can actually work, Lenovo brought in a live pianist to the Beijing show that played a tune on a virtual keyboard, with the full size sheet music displayed from the smartphone’s projector.

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