HP Tough ProBook Brings Hybrid Windows 10 Laptop-Tablet To The Education World

When the going gets tough in education, HP’s laptops get tougher

HP Inc has shown-off the ProBook x360 11 G1 Education Edition, a rugged convertible laptop aimed at the education market.

Claiming the new laptop to be the antithesis of the low-end hardware normally targeted at cash-strapped students, HP has described its latest Windows 10 ProBook as a “an affordable, durable and fully functional learning PC”.

The laptop is being touted as a device that embraces the idea that traditional education sis shifting from rigid classroom practices to “blended-learning” whereby small groups of students rotate between different stations of different subjects.

“The education market is a strategic growth area for HP,” said Gus Schmedlen, vice president, Education at HP. “We pay close attention to the unique needs of students, teachers and schools because they are enabling the next generation of inventors, leaders and future employees to go beyond note memorisation and master creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.”

Tech for schools

probook_x360_ee_frontleftSchmedlen’s vision of current education may present the role of technology in education in an idealistic fashion.

And HP has not revealed many details about the key specifications of the laptop, but the ProBook x360 11 G1 Education Edition certainly appears to be a device that can cope with the rigours of being carried to and from classrooms of bustling adolescents.

Encased in hard industrial rubber and sporting Corning Gorilla Glass, the laptop can withstand being dropped form an elevation of 30 inches, which HP claims is roughly the same height as the average school desk.

That should keep the laptops 11 inch display from too much damage and keep options such as the full HD built-in camera from becoming awash with scratches. The keyboard and chassis is also meant to be able to withstand having drinks spilled on it, particularly as HP said it put the convertible laptop come tablet through the same testing the US military needs to pass.

Under the hood, the new ProBook comes sporting an Intel Pentium N42000standard USB 3.0 ports with a USB Type-C port thrown in for future-proofing the device.

The laptop comes bundled with HP’s single-sign on tool so students can sign onto all their work apps with one security feature.

ProBook x360 11 G1 Education Edition

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In may not contain the plethora of features and high-end components that other more expensive laptops might contain, but the ProBook x360 11 G1 Education Editions appears to be a solid device aims at bolstering HP’s experience in the educations world.

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