CES 2016 – MediaTek Targets Wearables, IoT And Connected Home


Chipmaker promises more power, better displays, and longer battery life than ever with new releases

MediaTek has revealed a new family of hardware at CES 2016 that the company claims has the potential to transform the way we view information every day.

The Taiwanese firm took to the stage in Las Vegas to show off new system-on-a-chip products that covers the full range of mobile device formats, from wearables to televisions.

MediaTek says the new releases show the increasing importance of having a detailed, bright and powerful screen to view information on each day, across all our devices.


ARMThe new chips include the MT2523, designed for the next generation of smartwatches and launching in the first half of 2016. MediaTek says the chip is the world’s first SoC that combines a high-resolution mobile screen, dual-mode Bluetooth and GPS, with greatly improved power efficiency thanks to its ARM Cortex-M4 processor.

Also on show was the MT7697, an IoT bridge that will connect wearables and smart gadgets and appliances to tablets, smartphones and the cloud.

MediaTek says that the chip, which provides BLE and Wi-Fi connectivity (the former for the short range and the latter for long range and better Internet access), will work together with other mobile and connected hardware devices around the home to help create a universal “eco-sphere” of connected smartphones, wearables and appliances.

“Our intention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is to showcase a group of SoC’s that will truly impact the way consumers use their devices, said MediaTek chief marketing officer Johan Lodenius. “The…MT2523 and MT7697 will each bring new features to home entertainment, wearables and IoT/connected home that were not possible before.”

MediaTek, which says it currently ships 1.5bn units per year across its mobile, tablet, and TV business arms, is projecting major growth to come, estimating that the global market for SoCs will reach “tens of billions of units” by 2020, as the growth of the IoT boosts shipments.

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