Meet The Blackphone 2 – The World’s Most Secure Smartphone


Privacy-focused device automatically encrypts calls and messages to keep everything safe

Mobile users and businesses looking for that little bit extra security in their device now have something a little bit special following the launch of the Blackphone 2 smartphone from Silent Circle.

The security firm has released the second-generation of its privacy-focused device, which it says can offer users peace of mind regarding having their calls and messages monitored, and keep confidential business data safe from prying eyes.

Costing $799 (£525), the Blackphone 2 automatically encrypts all calls and messages sent using the device, and also features a built-in central security hub that allows complete and individualised control over all the device’s security options.


SilentCircle_Blackphone2_Angle-B“The launch of Blackphone 2 is a game changer for the mobile sector and for the way we provide individual and enterprise privacy” said Bill Conner, president and CEO of Silent Circle.

“Blackphone 2 combines an enhanced Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to keep your enterprise and personal information separate and private. We’re proud to deliver a safe and sexy device with a seamless user experience”

The Blackphone 2 runs Silent Circle’s specially-designed Silent OS software alongside Android to offer maximum security provisions. The device is also the first to run the company’s Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP), which was announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, and uses a unique, cloud-based combination of software, services and devices that connect to existing Internet connections to enable privacy at every level of business.

The new device also comes pre-loaded with Silent Phone – Silent Circle’s industry-leading, private communication app – which offers encrypted, secure voice calls, conference calling, video conferencing, secure text and file transfers in one simple app.

And for those wishing to keep work and personal usage separate, the Silent OS’ “Spaces” function lets users build separate, secure environments for their critical business data, personal information and even social applications within the same device.

As for hardware, the Blackphone 2 packs in an octa-core Qualcomm processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage plus a removable microSD card slot, a larger 5.5in Gorilla Glass display and a 13MP camera, meaning it should cope easily with everyday work usage.

“Today our privacy is increasingly threatened by governments, businesses and individuals”, Bill Conner continued. “In addition, the growing number of companies where employees work on their own devices in and out of the office means that it is ever more vital to build smartphones that deliver on privacy. People and enterprises want to take back control of their privacy but too often they don’t know how, or they feel they must compromise too much – that’s why the time is right for Blackphone 2.”

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Blackphone 2

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