Apple To Unveil 5G Equipped iPhone SE This Spring – Report

Apple’s third generation budget iPhone SE won’t reportedly deliver a radical redesign, but will include 5G and Apple’s inhouse processor

Apple is reportedly going to unveil its most affordable smartphone, the iPhone SE, in the spring with some new features.

According to Bloomberg’s and industry insider Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to virtually launch a third generation iPhone SE in either March or April this year.

Two of the notable enhancements to the new budget smartphone will reportedly be 5G connectivity, and a new processor – thought to be the powerful A15 chip currently found in the iPhone 13.

No redesign

It is reported that Apple’s new smartphone will not be delivering a new redesign, but will rather stick to the iPhone 8 design look and feel.

Besides the addition of 5G connectivity and a new processor, there was no mention of other changes.

However, Apple could decide to tweak or improve the camera sensors. Or Apple could increase the onboard storage capacity to 128GB.

There is speculation that the iPhone SE may be forced to include a bigger battery to compensate for the power draw down from 5G modems.

But whatever Apple may implement, it should be remembered that the iPhone SE is its entry-level budget device prices at $399 in the US.

Therefore expectations of major changes or improvements such an all screen design with little to no bezels, should be tempered in light of this.

The iPhone SE is also no expected to lose its home button fingerprint reader (the iPhone 8 was the last standard iPhone to feature this).

Apple iPhone 14

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman does have a good track record on his Apple predictions.

Earlier this month Gurman predicted that Apple’s iPhone 14 due for unveiling in September, could feature deliver a radical new design feature.

Gruman said “a revamped iPhone 14 range” could come “with a hole-punch-sized notch in the fall (Autumn).

Also in the works are three new Apple Watches: a Series 8 and a rugged version aimed at extreme-sports enthusiasts.”

Gruman also said Apple has “bevy of new Pro Macs in the works” based on the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and Apple should “finish transitioning to its own silicon” from Intel chips as early as WWDC 2022 in June.

Gruman also said we should look out for the biggest MacBook Air redesign in the product’s history, as well as an updated entry-level MacBook Pro, and a new iPad Pro with wireless charging.