Vodafone To Let Firms Combine MDM Services With Total Managed Mobility

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Vodafone aims to reduce the cost and complexity of managing different device types and operating systems

The Vodafone Total Managed Mobility (TMM) service is set to allow large enterprises pick and choose Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms to help reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple device types and operating systems.

Whereas a decade ago, companies either didn’t have a mobile strategy or simply issued closely controlled BlackBerry devices, employees are now much more demanding and many firms have Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

The temptation, according to Vodafone, is for IT departments to opt for an MDM service that covers the majority of devices rather than one that meets all their needs, potentially risking the safety and security of confidential corporate information.

Vodafone TMM

Vodafone headquarters germany © Joe Dejvice ShutterstockThe operator says TMM lets firms choose a combination of MDM providers, including BlackBerry, Good Technology and Vodafone’s Secure Device Manager, making it easier and cheaper to issue security updates and protect information, while at the same time ensuring firms can cope with future device types and demands from employees.

“Mobile device management is critical to every organisation, but purchasing multiple services on a one-off basis can create a complex, disparate solution that is difficult to manage and isn’t future proofed,” said David Langhorn, head of corporate and large enterprise at Vodafone UK.

“Businesses are looking for a secure, simple way to manage all the mobile devices across all operating systems that their employees use for work, without having to purchase a new application every time a new device comes onto the market.”

TMM is aimed at companies with at least 100 employees and can be offered either in the cloud, through a dedicated hosting provider or on-premise.

Earlier this year, Vodafone launched the One Net Enterprise Cloud for large businesses and also released the One Net unified communications platform, targeting firms of all sizes.

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