Poll: Do You Want 4G Mobile Coverage On The Tube?


TfL is planning to bring 4G to the tube, but do you want it?

The London Underground has long been a sanctuary from other people’s phone calls – on the bits that are actually underground anyway.

But even despite the arrival of Wi-Fi in stations and on platforms, the absence of mobile coverage is an anachronism in 2017.


Tube 4G

And now Transport for London (TfL) seems to agree, and wants coverage on all lines by 2019.

But what do you think? Maybe you don’t want loud phone conversations on the tube or people watching YouTube videos with full volume? Or perhaps you’ll feel safer and more productive if you’re able to contact loved ones or access cloud apps wherever you’re travelling the capital?

We want to know. So vote in our poll below and say anything else you want to in the comments.

Do you want 4G on the London Underground?

  • Yes (74%)
  • No (26%)

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