Plusnet Mobile Fixes 4G Connection Problem

We’ll do you proud…but perhaps not for some mobile users after problems with 4G connectivity

Yorkshire-based  telco Plusnet has admitted that a “small number” of mobile users were unable to access 3G and 4G data services.

The outage reportedly lasted for almost a week, but only affected users who received new Plusnet SIM cards within the past seven days.

Plusnet only entered the crowded mobile market last November with a range of SIM-only 4G tariffs. It previously existed as LIFE Mobile. a virtual network operator (MVNO)  joint venture between EE and Phones4u.

plusnet-mobileConnection Resolved

According to a post on the Plusnet Community boards, once users installed their SIMs, they were able to access voice and text services, but not data,But the problem has now been fixed.

“We have been working closely with our supplier overnight and the configuration issue which left a small number of customers unable to access data services has been fixed,” said Plusnet in an emailed statement to Silicon.

“We’re really sorry this happened and will be contacting and refunding all customers affected,” it said.

What Plusnet did not say was how many customers have been affected, and some users took to the message boards to express their frustration over the matter.

“I am now on day 5 with Plusnet Mobile and still no mobile data,” said a user called BarN. Eventually he gave up and ported his number to Virgin Mobile.

“What a waste of time!” he said. “ I’m sorry to have had such a disappointing experience with Plusnet.”


Customer Service?

The dissatisfaction is perhaps surprising considering that Plusnet prides itself on its customer service.

Indeed, its CEO Andy Baker told Silicon last month that Plusnet’s focus is on value and customer services.

Formed in 1997, the Sheffield-based firm has played on its Yorkshire heritage in its marketing campaigns, billing itself as a no nonsense provider. It was acquired by BT in 2006, but has managed to keep its own identity by operating at an “arm’s-length” while benefiting from the advantages of being part of the wider group.

Baker told Silicon that Plusnet targets a very different customer demographic from BT, in that Plusnet customers are looking for great value, good service and a simple product.

BT on the other hand tends to offer a more complete product with more added services.

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