10 Apps To Speed Up Your Smartphone

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At the mercy of an ailing device? Here’s our guide to the apps that’ll speed up your smartphone

You get an important email. You tap the notification. It takes an age to load and the train has moved away from a 4G signal into no man’s land.

Sound familiar? Of course it does – our smartphones are beloved everyday companions, accompanying us wherever we go. But, as with life, things expire: your smartphone will start to slow down, and its once-speedy, to-the-point operating system will not be as reliable or efficient as those earlier halcyon, fresh-out-of-the-packet days.

So how can we reverse the aging process? Easy: here’s TechWeekEurope’s guide to ten of the best apps to speed up your smartphone. Send us a thank-you text later, should you so wish.

  1. Clean Master

Specifically designed for Android, this highly-rated service aims to take away your smartphone’s proclivity for lagging, freezing and generally being a nuisance by cleaning it up from within.

Clean Master offers a range of services from app-locking to battery saving, but it’s particularly relevant here for the housekeeping duties it performs: cleaning junk files left behind by apps you’ve installed (“deleting cache and residual files to reclaim storage, boosting speed and improving the performance of your device and SD card”, says the product description) while also helping you manage the contents of your phone through its dedicated App Manager.

If you make good use of Clean Master, then it could very well speed up your smartphone in no time at all.

  1. Shoebox

Finding that you’re low on storage because you have GBs and GBs worth of photos and videos on your device? A smartphone that’s heavy with data will exhibit fatigue, so it’s a good idea to manage this aspect of your device’s data with a smart, intuitive app. A smart, intuitive app like Shoebox, for instance. A dedicated storage tool for your precious mementoes, it automatically backs up every photo or video you take on your smartphone to its cloud, so you can be safe in knowledge that they’re nice and secure, while also freeing up room on your device.

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  1. Battery Doctor

An apt name for an app that’s been designed to aid your debilitating smartphone, Battery Doctor is here to help you analyse what and where it’s all going wrong for your device. With real-time power consumption rankings and clear, accurate information on the state of your smartphone, it should therefore be quite simple to then evaluate which apps are dominating your operating system. And once you find those apps, then you’ll be one step closer towards dealing with those apps that are responsible for slowing down your smartphone. Simple, no?

  1. Google Drive

You’ll most likely know this one already – but do you know that using it on your phone could free up some much-need storage space? Permitting you to access your data from any device (with the necessary password restrictions, of course), it means that should you need any photos, media or documents on your smartphone, you can just open your Google Drive to access them without having to save them onto your device first. That should therefore free up some space on your phone, which in turn should – should – speed up your device.

  1. CCleaner

A direct competitor of Cleaner Master, CCleaner is also only available on Android – iOS users, you know the drill by now (go to the next page). Made by Piriform, the lovely people behind the famed desktop programme, this app also aims to speed up your smartphone by getting rid of junk files and data, freeing up space for your device to work to its best ability.

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