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If you want to share something with our audience, send a submission to, expertadvice@silicon.co.uk where our team of expert editors can proofread and review the content.

To qualify, you must submit:

  • Text in Word document format
  • A photo illustrating your article (it must labelled for reuse or copyright free)
  • A biography
  • A full-face photograph (copyright free)


  • Be brief: we recommend you to write between 2,000 and 4,500 characters (spaces included)
  • Stand out: Choose an accurate and attractive title and do not forget to write an excerpt explaining the idea concisely
  • A good quality photo (at least 684 pixels wide)
  • Introduce yourself: Tell us, and the readers, who you are and why we should listen to you (no more than 1,000 characters)
  • Respect the spirit: Expert Advice is not promotional tool but a valuable resource. Contributions that explicitly promote a commercial offer will be rejected (read our charter for more details)

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Charter of Expert Advice

The Silicon.fr Expert Advice Community is a community site curated by the editorial team. This section aims to offer a quality content and complementary articles to the ones written by our journalists. This content is categorized according to the rules defined by the editorial staff. The experts submit their contributions and this content will be published after validation from the editors.


The Expert Advice section is intended for opinions and analysis complementary to that of the editorial staff and must in no way promote a brand or offer. Likewise, the opinions expressed in the contributions must be substantial. The content must respect the rules of propriety and not violate the law concerning insult or public defamation. Any contribution must be associated with a biography of its author clearly stipulating their professional activities. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the rejection of the platform, at the discretion the editorial team.


The author undertakes to assign their rights to NetMediaEurope, for possible publication on all of its media in the UK and Europe.