Cyber Security Summit - Financial Sector

from Tuesday 14 April 2015 to Wednesday 15 April 2015
, Prague, Czech Republic

CSS-FI-120x120Financial Sector: “Fortify your Ability to Counter Dynamic Attacks”

You are only as strong as your Cyber Security Strategy. In our digitally-driven world, it is crucial to have a current understanding of the evolving risks and responsibilities that information security professionals face. Cyber Security is an aspect of IT that must constantly evolve to meet increasingly sophisticated threats; and, often, holes in an enterprise’s defenses are only visible after it is too late. More than ever, organizations need to proactively identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, which can run into the millions. Fortunately, security automation is improving at lightning speed. Organizations need a solution that can rapidly provide visibility into their environment’s entire IT profile. Traditional approaches to countering cyber risk, which focus largely on technology and systems, are no longer adequate to the task by themselves. Companies and governments must take a more holistic approach, encompassing not only IT but also business processes, people and a more integrated and cooperative strategy between public and private sectors. With the highest expected need in the finance and industrial sectors, we have organized two specialized Cyber Security events in one place.

CYBER SECURITY SUMMIT Financial Sector “Fortify your Ability to Counter Dynamic Attacks”

Today, organizations must remain vigilant and agile in the face of a continually evolving threat landscape. An organization  should consider implementing a risk-based approach to security that prioritizes your most valuable assets and proactively addresses your most relevant threats.

Should companies focus on personal cyber security products and solutions that offer consumers peace of mind in today’s technology-driven world? From smart wallets and safe payment apps to secure messaging and private internet access, companies in this area will showcase technologies that protect consumers.

We have invited some of the top performers who are bridging the data security chasm to share their know-how. Learn more about how organizations can identify and address security and privacy exposures before they become problems. Join the journey of being cyber-smart!

Let’s find out the best answers to the following questions: What are the secrets behind the best solutions? How to best develop an optimal disaster recovery plan? What are the latest threats around POS systems? You will also learn how to prepare and manage risks across all departments, discover more about network security defenses, how to secure mobile devices and much more…..

3x keynotes, roundtable sessions by position

Stream A: Network-Mobile-Outsourcing-Big Data

Stream B: Governments

4x panel discussions, 8x networking blocks

Case studies by institution category

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