Business lunch: Securing Your Enterprise with Data Back-Up and Recovery

Wednesday 28 June 2023
at 12:00
Le Pont de la Tour, 36D Shad Thames, London

How to ensure your enterprise is data security proactive with comprehensive back-up and recovery

Cybersecurity has never been as so important for enterprises as it is today. As the cyber threat expands and becomes more diverse and targeted, ensuring the vital data your business relies upon is safe and secure is critical.

As an essential component of strong digital security, data backup remains an essential defensive tool all enterprises must have in place. And as the business is now carried out across remote teams, how the often-sensitive data they access is protected is a commercial imperative. Data is now the lifeblood of all companies. Ensuring reliable backup systems are in place is essential.

No security system is 100% effective in combating the range of attacks that could be directed at an enterprise’s systems by threat actors. A vital component of a strong security system is how data can be recovered to minimise the impact of an attack. Data recovery is just as important as preventative measures.

The data in your enterprise must be protected. The importance of data backup can’t be overstated. And when an attack does take place, having the confidence that the attack’s impact on critical systems is minimal should be a core component of every company’s cybersecurity policy.

To discover how your business can ensure robust data back-up and recovery is integrated into your enterprise’s data protection systems – guided by an independent technology specialist – join Quest for insights your company can action today.