Agile Methods 2016: Agile Programme & Project Management |Finance Sector | Public Sector

Thursday 25 February 2016
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

The event originates from the idea that learning about Agile methods is important. BUT understanding HOW they apply to your specific

Context is critical.

It comprises three parallel tracks (with some plenary combined sessions) which address:

  • Agile Programme & Project Management (for all business sectors)
  • Agile in the Finance Sector
  • Agile in the Public Sector

Each of these tracks has a different and specific focus. One of these is for all business sectors and addresses the Agile Programme and

Project Management. The other two tracks focus deeply on the unique challenges and differences encountered when introducing, sustaining and scaling Agile within (1) the public sector and (2) the banking, finance and insurance (BFIS) sector.

The day is made up of a series of high quality presentations, case studies and discussion sessions. Attendees can choose to attend any of the sessions and create an agenda that will deliver them and their organisation maximum value.

The presenters, panellists and discussion leaders are chosen for their experience and knowledge of Agile in the context of the three tracks.

Taking part in the debate, learning from experts and listening to other companies experiences is critical in order to take full advantage of Agile methods and the benefits they bring.

In contrast to other events addressing Agile, this conference presents case studies and looks at issues that are specifically relevant to finance, public sector and project management. It also provides invaluable networking opportunities with professionals and subject experts in these areas.

There is also an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors