2012 GEM Forum



Mobile technology is fast emerging from the gadget stage. Today, there are hundreds of real-world examples of mobile technology empowering knowledge workers and adding real value to important business processes. By allowing mobile, instant communication and access to important information to a workforce, enterprise mobility improves productivity through providing the information the moment it is needed. Last year the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that the IT industry’s next dominant platform, built on mobile computing, cloud services and big data analytics technologies would begin its transition into the mainstream. In these days spending on these technologies is growing at about 18% per year and is expected to account for at least 80% of IT spending growth between now and 2020. EBCG’s Global Enterprise Mobility Forum will bring an up-to-date program that addresses the current issues through a series of particular case studies from a range of different industry sectors in order to help the experts to improve business processes in the mobility field.

Six Basic Reasons Why You Can’t Miss GEM Forum London 2012:

  1. What CIOs and CTOs need to think about before implementing an enterprise mobility project
  2. Essentials of your existing mobility strategy to meet your corporate expectation
  3. Successful case studies and best practices around mobile strategies and their deployment
  4. Empowering your mobile workforce
  5. Growing security concerns around enterprise mobility
  6. Undeniable role and importance of the field service excellence

What Distinguishes This Event From the Others?

  • Best in Class: 15+ Awarded Speakers (by Euromoney survey)
  • +100 Senior Level Attendees
  • Focused Panel Discussions
  • Speed Networking Kick-Off
  • Networking “London Style” Dinner in a nearby Brewery
  • Your Favourite Networking Coffee Breaks


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Telephone: +421 2 3220 2200

URL: http://www.ebcg.biz/ebcg-business-events/26/2012-gem-forum/