Poll: Why Use New Technologies In The Public Sector?

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Tech was absent from the 2017 General Election but how can it benefit the public sector?

The 2017 General Election was noticeable for an almost complete lack of technology policy.

True, the Conservatives nominated it as one of their main challenges to solve over the next five years, and there were commitments for broadband and 4G but almost nothing about how the tech sector would be nurtured nor how technology would be used for public services.

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It’s unsurprising given the focus on Brexit and the battle for the future direction of the UK, but it was disappointing.

However, with a hung parliament, the future of the government’s technology agenda could be up in the air or see little or no change; time will tell if it is the former or the latter.

Our quiz this week looked back at the triumphs and failures of public sector IT but today we’re thinking about what the future holds. After all, the next five years could bring its own IT disasters or help government become more efficient and deliver better services.

But we want to know what the greatest incentive for public sector organisations to use technology is. Let us know in our poll below and if you have anything more to say, do so in the comment section.

What is the biggest incentive to use new technologies in the public sector?

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