William Hill Just Put The Fun Back Into Online Betting

Priority Access card lets you spend your winnings instantly

Betting firm William Hill has launched a new contactless payment card that will let you spend your winnings as soon as they roll in.

The company William Hill Labs development team has teamed up with MasterCard to offer new Priority Access card offers an instant transfer of funds from a user’s online account that they can spend immediately, on whatever they want.

In doing so, William Hill says it can replicate the feeling of winning in a bookies and walking away with a handful of money to spend, and bring it to its three million online account holders.

The card can even be used to withdraw money from cashpoints, and received 100 percent positive feedback during its recent customer trial period.


William Hill Priority Access“We’re bringing the fun back into betting online,” Jamie Hart, William Hill director of innovation and customer experience, “this changes the entire betting experience”.

Hart says that the development of the card was motivated by changing needs among its customers, particularly those that are regular betters.

Previously, winnings from bets made online would take three to five days to appear in user accounts, and William Hill would suffer large bank charges from continuously moving balances around.

And there’s no danger of overspending, as whilst users are able to withdraw their winnings immediately, the pre-paid card only allows them to spend what they have won, or deposited, removing the risk of overspending following a big betting win.

“It’s time for the betting industry to fully embrace omni-channel experiences that meet customer demands,” Hart added.

Moving forward, the Priority Access Card Service will look at building partnerships with brands that allow William Hill to provide discounted special offers to customers, or use the geolocation services on your smartphone for local promotions.

And having launched its service on the Apple Watch last month, William Hill Labs is now working on a range of ideas including Apple Pay integration, and a range of personalised services.

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