Verifone Engage Will Transform Your Checkout Experience

verifone engage

Get ready for a more immersive checkout experience thanks to Verifone’s new POS system

Paying for items at the till could now get more engaging following the launch of a new point of sale (POS) product from Verifone.

The company has announced the release of Verifone Engage, its new family of payment devices aimed at pushing forward a more positive time at the till for what it calls the “connected shopping” experience.

The terminal is able to provide a richer customer experience than ever before, meaning it can show adverts, provide and accept coupons, and help connect shoppers to merchants in more ways.


verifone engage2With online shopping and ecommerce continuing to take proceeds away from physical stores, merchants are increasingly needing to find new ways to innovate and keep their customers coming back again and again.

Verifone believes that an engaging shopping experience can be the answer to this, and its Engage POS systems can play a central part. Built on a powerful Linux-based operating system, the unit is able to handle a wide range of payment schemes across multiple countries, and keeping up to date with regulatory requirements in different territories.

Verifone will also offer a range of services to help merchants with its new release, available to help them grow and expand with a 24/7 helpdesk, preparation guidance, and for the first time including BLE Beacons, allowing merchants to track their customers and sue that data to provide a more connected shopping experience.

In order to drive customer engagement and offer more tailored approaches, Verifone Engage will also come with the company’s app marketplace, allowing for enterprise and third party apps to be offered, giving potentially unlimited options and customisation.

Loyalty programs will play a big part in this, the company believes, having found in recent research that 78 percent of shoppers expected some kind of loyalty program wherever they shopped, and 35 percent of consumers expected discounts on their purchases based on this.

“We believe that…presenting customers with an engaging product in a dynamic and engaging way will help draw or keep people in stores,” June Felix, the President of Verifone Europe, told TechWeekEurope.

And the new units will be available to businesses of all sizes, Felix says, as thanks to its 28 million-strong client base around the world, Verifone is able to build and roll out products at an affordable price that lets all companies have access to the technology, building and retaining their client base as they grow.

“I think we’re really expanding the whole conversation beyond the box – it’s just that the box is kind of cool and its at a really critical point.”

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