Superbowl XLIX – Which Technology Companies Wowed The TV Audiences?

T-Mobile, GoDaddy and others go for broke as tech-themed adverts hit the airwaves

Last night’s Superbowl XLIX marked not just a chance for the NFL’s top two teams to battle it out head to head for the sport’s biggest trophy, but also for companies to reach a huge consumer base of more than one billion worldwide.

With a 30 second slot costing around $4.5m, the Superbowl’s many advert breaks offer companies a unique (if slightly expensive) way to reach their customers, and this year, many technology companies also got involved.

But who made the most impact this year? Here’s our round-up of the top tech advertisers at Superbowl XLIX…

T-Mobile – Kim Kardashian-West #KimsDataStash

Mobile operator T-Mobile led the way at this year’s event by signing up superstar celebrity rear-end Kim Kardashian-West. Mrs Kardashian-West extolls the virtues of T-Mobile’s new DataStash programme, which allows unused data to roll on to the following month, for up to 12 months – giving you access to all of Kim’s selfies.

Chevy – 2015 Colorado

Cars are becoming more intelligent with every passing month, as more and more become connected to the Internet of Things and begin sporting superfast connectivity and built-in entertainment networks. Chevy’s advert this year looks to spook viewers by making it look like their TV has broken down, before stating that the company’s new 2015 Colorado comes with built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability, meaning they could stream the game from their cars (if they really wanted).

GoDaddy – Lost Puppy Spoof

Domain registration and website building specialists GoDaddy are perennial Superbowl advertisers, often packing in celebrities such as supermodel Kate Upton to promote their services. This year, however, the site was forced to pull its big game ad – a parody of Budweiser’s ‘Best Buds’ video documenting the travails of a lost puppy – after receiving complaints regarding animal cruelty.

SquareSpace – Jeff Bridges

SquareSpace is another web domains company, and looked to top the likes of GoDaddy this year with an A-List celebrity spokesperson, reeling in Jeff Bridges to promote both their services and his new music.

Bud Light – Real-Life Pac-Man #UpForWhatever

Finally, Bud Light introduced a bit of retro charm to this year’s proceedings, turned one lucky man into a real-life Pac-Man. In what looks like one of the most fun five minutes ever, our hero is set loose in a life-size maze, trying to gobble up all the dots and fruit whilst avoiding the deadly ghosts.

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