Upgraded PayPal Here Opens Up Mobile Payments To Businesses Everywhere

paypal here

Built-in NFC technology allows quick and easy payment using a smartphone

More shops than ever before will be able to introduce mobile payments thanks to the release of a nifty new tool from PayPal.

The online payments provider has announced an updated version of its Here card reader that is able to accept mobile payments via NFC technology, meaning both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users will also be able to use it.

Able to fit right in your pocket, Here will be available for UK businesses later this summer, meaning even small businesses will be able to accept payment via a mobile device.

PayPal - Shutterstock - © Gil CBargain

PayPal will take a small fee from each transaction and will charge traders a one-off fee for the new reader, although the company is yet to confirm exact pricing and fees.

The technology will also allow payments from smartphones using other services, including the company’s own PayPal Here app, pairing with your device via Bluetooth.

As well as contactless transactions, Here can also still being used to accept Chip and PIN payments, PayPal Check-in payments, as well as being able to send invoices and log cash and cheques, which the company hopes will help cut down on trips to the bank.

The new announcement is a significant upgrade from the initial version of PayPal Here, launched in August 2013, which could accept card payments from customers no matter which credit or debit card they had, or even use their PayPal online accounts.

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