NetSuite Updates OneWorld, Spreads Dominion To More Than 100 Countries

NetSuite’s OneWorld gets default support for 20 languages and configurable tax compliance for more than 100 countries

NetSuite has rolled out the latest version of its OneWorld cloud ERP platform, promising customers a range of enhancements as the firm pushes into new countries and languages.

This year has seen some high profile customer wins for NetSuite (Deliveroo, Slush Puppie, Pret A Manger), as well as partnerships such as a CapGemini distribution deal in France and a Tableau analytics marriage in October.

NetSuite is clearly continuing to push for new customers with the latest round of OneWorld enhancements, eyeing up some prime poaching from competitors such as Sage, SAP, and Oracle.

Tax engine

The OneWorld global tax engine now supports more than 100 countries with tax calculation and reporting capabilities, “materially simplifying” tax management, tax compliance, filing and audit accountability, said NetSuite.

Craig Sullivan

TechWeekEurope had a chat with Craig Sullivan, NetSuite’s senior vice president of international products and UK expatriate, about OneWorld’s latest revamp. He said: “What it really comes down is that OneWorld is your single system manager for your global business.

“We truly enable a single system approach that covers all of the markets that you operate in, and while other vendors may purport to have a solution for those other markets, we don’t see them, and the customers that come to us have not been able to deploy those solutions across all of their business simultaneously in a single instance.

“You might buy something from SAP or Oracle but you can’t deploy it. In NetSuite’s, case what you buy is what you deploy.”

Indeed, fighting words there from Sullivan. NetSuite has expanded support for OneWorld even further with configurable tax compliance, support for 20 languages and 190 currencies. NetSuite likes to think its running rings around its ERP rivals with its single-system, all-cloud, omnichannel product, and today’s announcement is a strong argument.

“We’ve added Turkish most recently as a new language,” said Sullivan. “The key there is that we’ve got languages NetSuite delivers by default, we then provide the capabilities as part of OneWorld for customers to customise and translate their communications to their customers in whichever language they choose. For example, today, we don’t support Finnish by default, but customers can implement a Finnish version of an invoice.”

Other minor tweaks to OneWorld include multi-subsidiary management enhancements, multi-location inventory management updates, and multi-currency management adjustments.

“While other software vendors are struggling to move software architected before the Internet existed to the cloud or build out the rich global functionality NetSuite has pioneered, we’re continuing to innovate and expand the reach of our customers with new features,” said Sullivan.

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