LG G Pay Could Unite All Your Payments On One Card

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Upcoming LG G Pay system could include a universal credit card that links to digital wallet

LG could be set to transform the way you pay for everything, according to reports that suggest the company is planning the launch of a universal payments system.

The company’s G Pay service, set to launch later this year in its homeland of South Korea, may not even require a smartphone to use at all, instead replacing all the debit and credit cards with a single ‘White Card’ (pictured below).

That’s according to Korea IT News, which says that LG’s card allows users to switch between cards or accounts using a low-power LCD display. The card is able to charge up via a battery connector, and also features two buttons to also allow switching between accounts and lock the card.g pay card

The card is set to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress later this month, the reports claim. LG had not responded to TechWeekEurope’s requests for comment at the time of publication.

Pay day

G Pay first surfaced last October, with the company signing up card providers to provide the service in South Korea.

However, LG has been cagey so far on how the service may expand overseas, or even on what kind of technology it will use – be it NFC technology, like Apple Pay, or instead utilising magnetic stripe technology like Android Pay.

It’s expected that G Pay will appear in future LG smartphones such as the forthcoming LG G5 flagship device, which is also expected to be revealed at Mobile World Congress.

LG confirmed last month that it plans to launch two brand new flagship smartphones in 2016 as it looks to claw back market share in the Android device market.

The company says that the new devices will help it stand out in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market, as a growing number of manufacturers release high-end Android devices.

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