Google Ramps Up Its Mobile Shopping Experience

‘Purchases on Google’ will let you buy directly through Google Search ads

Google has laid out its plans to make mobile shopping that little bit simpler with a new system that allows shoppers to buy directly from its search pages.

Named ‘Purchases on Google’, the new service will open up a personalised microsite within Google’s domain when you click on a certain product, allowing you to buy it directly from there or search for other products from the same retailer.

Unveiled at an event in New York earlier today, Google says it will ensure that retailers maintain a close relationship with their customers.

Shop happy

shopping1Around a dozen retailers have already been signed up to help trial Purchases on Google, with the company looking to greatly expand this over the coming months.

User payment information is stored directly with Google, and the company also hosts the checkout pages that come up whenever you open up an advert.

Google has also launched several new offerings to make mobile shopping more intuitive and intelligent for consumers, as well as making sure the retailers themselves benefit from m-commerce.

This includes the introduction of deep linking, where selecting results from certain companies will now send you directly to their app whenever you tap on a sponsored search result from that respective retailer

It also announced a ranking system for search results, where searching for the ‘best’ version of a certain product will display ranked results according to user reviews, and new Google Now cards that will send shoppers an alert when a product’s price has dropped significantly.

The upgraded results system will also support Android Pay when Google’s new payment method launches later this year, and will also be eligible for in-store purchases as well.

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