Millions Of Web Adverts Go Offline As Google DoubleClick Goes Down

shocked at computer

Outage of online ad platform could end up costing businesses millions

Internet users across the world were enjoying a brief period of not being bombarded by online advertisement due to an outage of Google’s DoubleClick ad platform today.

The outage, thought to have been caused by a fault with Google’s own servers, caused some websites supporting the DoubleClick platform to load incompletely, or in some cases not at all.

However the down time may be extremely costly for the companies who had paid for the adverts, and may be losing out on millions in revenue.

All quiet

google doubleclickGoogle admitted there had been an outage, and that a team had investigated the issue, which appeared to be solved within an hour of being reported.

However many major media sites were affected, with some forced to take down their adverts whilst the issue was fixed.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers went down for several hours last year, although the issue was again quickly resolved.

The search giant acquired DoubleClick in 2007 for around $2 billion, and it has proved to be a key part of pushing Google to the top of the pile for online advertising.

The company will account for around 32.4 percent of the worldwide digital ad market this year, according to eMarketer estimates, with DoubleClick Ad Serving also the dominant player when it comes to ad servers, accounting for about 44 percent of the ad serving market.

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