Delta Airlines Sorry For Oral Sex Facebook Content

Facebook account of American airlines hacked and defaced with ‘objectionable and offensive’ content

Delta Airlines has become the latest firm to have its social media outlets targeted by hackers, who posted an article about oral sex on its official Facebook page. The article included a image of a Korean marine worm, which is often called ‘penis fish’.

The airline took an hour to remove the offensive content, despite many of the company’s 1.5 million Facebook followers being quick to point out the problem.

“Within an hour, Delta was able to work with Facebook to remove objectionable and offensive content posted to the airline’s page, Tuesday afternoon,” said the airline in a statement.

Hack Investigation

Fotolia: You Fail!---keyboard © gow27 #38082186“Delta apologizes for the unauthorised content that appeared on the site,” it added. “We are investigating the source of the hack and will incorporate any key lessons to strengthen our social media security measures. No other social media platforms were compromised.”

It also tweeted that it “sincerely apologise for the unauthorized, objectionable content that was posted.”

Social Compromises

Social media accounts are proving to be an attractive target for hackers looking to cause embarrassment or to promote their political causes.

In 2013, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Daily Telegraph, after it had targeted the social networking accounts of other media outlets such as the BBC and FT.

That same year, Microsoft warned of a “wave” of malicious browser extension Trojans that were trying to hijack Facebook accounts.

And last month Facebook denied hackers had caused a widespread outage in the United States. It said a technical fault, not hackers, was the cause of an hour long outage that downed its own site and those of several services it owns.

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