Barclaycard Brings NFC Payments To Android Phones

barclaycard nfc

Allows contactless payments of up to £100 and comes before Apple Pay Barclaycard support

Barclaycard has fired another salvo in the battle for mobile payment supremacy with the launch of NFC payments for its Android app before the company supports for Apple Pay.

From November, Barclaycard card users will be able to pay for goods and services using NFC contactless technology.

And unlike usual contactless payments, which are currently limited to £30 in the UK, the service can be used to make purchases up to £100, provided the user also enters a PIN.

All change

nfc transactionsThe new Barclaycard app updates also include a direct line to the customer call centre to report a lost, stolen or damaged card. This will then be replaced by a new virtual card, which will be added to the app for immediate use, whilst a physical replacement card is sent out through the post.

“Barclaycard has a strong history of innovation and we’re constantly looking for new ways to revolutionise payments, said Mike Saunders, Barclaycard’s managing director of digital consumer payments.

“These new features transform Android phones into a mobile hub for our customers allowing them to manage their account on the go, make contactless payments up to £100 and have a lost or stolen card instantly re-issued – letting them continue to make contactless payments straightaway.

“This additional functionality is being added to our existing customer app so there’s no need for existing users to download, register, upload, or add card details into a new app; you just complete the simple opt-in process and away you go. It’s the latest in our range of ‘Pay your Way’ options that allows customers to make payments quickly, easily and conveniently, and makes the Barclaycard app the best in its class.”


bpay contactless jacketAlthough Apple Pay launched in the UK back in July, Barclays is still dragging its heels over getting the technology included in its banking and payment services, preferring to promote its own bPay service, which also uses NFC technology.

Following a number of trials, bPay finally went public across the UK earlier this year with the launch of three new devices – a wristband, fob and sticker, which are now on sale to anyone with a registered Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

Barclaycard also recently teamed up with high-end menswear brand Lyle & Scott for the release of ‘The Contactless Jacket’, (pictured left) a £150 item that comes with a bPay chip inserted into the cuff, meaning the wearer can pay for purchases up to £30 just by holding their wrist over the contactless reader.

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