Amazon Wants To Pay You To Deliver Its Packages

Parcel package delivery © Dabarti CGI ~Shutterstock

Uber-esque ‘On My Way’ program will allow anyone to drop items off around town

Amazon will open up a whole new dimension to its delivery services with a new launch that will employ normal people to courier goods.

In addition to employing delivery drones, the online retail giant is also reportedly planning to offer ordinary people payment to drop off packages on their way home from work or school, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The scheme, reportedly called ‘On My Way’, will be open via a specially-designed mobile app where users can register to pick up packages from physical retailers who have partnered with Amazon.

Special delivery

Prime Air 2 Anazon drone delivery copterThese partner retailers would likely rent space to Amazon to store packages, or pay a per-package fee, people familiar with the program told the WSJ.

Amazon has yet to comment on the news.

Much has been made of Amazon’s recent moves into drone delivery of its items, a program it hopes to launch within the next few years.

More details about its Prime Air scheme were revealed last month in a series of patent applications which showed that the drones involved will be able to talk to each other to share information and update their routes in real time, determining if their flight paths and proposed landing areas are safe and free of obstacles (like people or dogs).

Using location data pulled from a user’s smartphone, package delivery locations will be updated in real-time as customers move around, so your goods can come to you, depending on where you are when your shipment is ready

There’s also the option for the drones to drop packages at a “secure delivery location,” which could include an Amazon Locker. The system will also include the option for relay locations, where drones can drop off packages for further transport, or to recharge or swap batteries.

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