Adblock Plus Rolls Out Mass Deployment For IT Administrators


Network administrators can now deploy Adblock across entire enterprise with the benefit of skipping ‘first run page’

Adblock Plus has rolled out a feature that lets IT admins mass deploy Adblock software in their enterprises and institutions.

Dubbing the feature LSD (Large Scale Deployment) that comes as part of Adblock Plus 1.9, Adblock Plus said that the update, available for Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers, was made for network administrators in mind.


adblock plusWith Adblock Plus 1.9 system administrators will now be able to suppress the first run page. The first run page is the web page that appears after you install Adblock Plus, giving you immediate customization options that are valuable for individual users,” said Adblock.

“But if you’re trying to install Adblock Plus on thousands of computers at once, you might prefer to skip this page. Now you can!”

The 1.9 update also sees Adblock benefit from better performance, according to the firm. Specific request blocking filters were hampering performance on all websites, said Adblock, but that has now been addressed.

Legal wins

Adblock Plus, and its German parent company Eyeo, have been embroiled in recent court cases, with publishing companies arguing that Adblocking ruins advertising revenues and is anti-competitive.

In April, German  declared the use of adblocking 100 percent legal following a four-month trial.

It was two German companies, Zeit Online GmbH and Handelsblatt GmbH, who brought the case against adblock vendor Adblock Plus (ABP) in Hamburg. The lawsuit charged that Adblock Plus and Eyeo should not be allowed to block ads on websites owned by the plaintiffs. Adblock Plus said the accusers sought an “injunctive relief”, called “Unterlassungsanspruch” in German.

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