Quiz Of The Week: Virtual Reality

virtual reality headset

With virtual reality devices flooding the world, how much do you know about the next big technology?

Once only the preserve of science-fiction, virtual reality has risen to become one of the most exciting and fast developing areas of technology today.

Having previous been seen as a niche product, VR technology is now a key area for many of the world’s leading technology manufacturers as consumer and business interest grows.

With companies including Microsoft, Samsung and HTC investing heavily in VR, the future of the technology looks bright.


virtual reality headsetHowever it isn’t just gaming that will show off the capabilities of VR technology, as a wide range of industries and business practices can benefit from using wearable devices.

Offering more information, improved safety and greater in-depth experiences across multiple industries, virtual reality is only set to continue to be a key part of the technology world.

But do you know your Google Glass from your Gear VR? Your HoloLens from your Vive? Time to find out!

Find out with our quiz!

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