AirPods Pro Given Zero Rating By Teardown Specialist iFixit

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Like its predecessors, the latest generation AirPods are glued together, which earns the AirPods Pro a zero repairability rating

Apple’s latest wearable devices, its noise cancelling AirPods Pro, have been slated by teardown specialist iFixit.

Earlier this week Apple had revealed its next generation AirPods Pro, which offer silicone tips for better isolation (and comfort), as well as active noise cancellation.

But iFixit has now published its teardown of the new ear buds, and the results are not encouraging for the repairability of the devices.

Zero rating

The repair specialist admitted right at the start that “Apple’s line of wireless buds certainly has a fraught history on the teardown table.”

It even gave it an X-ray treatment and produced a 360° video found here.

The repair specialist began the teardown and found like previous versions of the AirPods, Apple has opted to glue it all together. This has earned the latest AirPods a zero repairability score.

“While theoretically semi-serviceable, the non-modular, glued-together design and lack of replacement parts makes repair both impractical and uneconomical,” iFixit warned.

This is concerning for users, because once the batteries in the $249 AirPods Pro degrades, there is no chance of it being repaired by the firm.

That said, there is good news and Apple will take back old AirPods for recycling.

There is also an Apple “battery service” program that will cost $49-per-earbud if it is out of warranty.

“In a surprisingly candid statement, Apple apparently confirmed that these Pro ‘Pods are not repairable, only replaceable, and are no better in this regard than the earlier versions,” said iFixit.

The AirPods Pro cost £249 in the UK (or $249 in the US) and began shipping on 30 October.

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