Tim Cook Says He Expects ‘Massive Changes’ In The Auto Industry

tim cook ipad pro

Hinting at the Apple Car coming soon?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the company will launch its own smart vehicles in the near future.

Speaking at the WSJD Live event in Laguna Beach, California, yesterday, Cook said that that the auto industry is set for a major shake-up soon.

“It would seem like that there will be a massive change in that industry,” he said, “When I look at the automobile, I see that software is becoming an increasingly important part of the car of the future.”


freescale smart car IoTApple has been considering moving into the automotive space for some time, as the company looks to widen its product portfolio and begin investing some of its mountainous cash reserves.

Last month, reports claimed that the Apple car had been upgraded to a “committed project” within the company, with a shipping date of 2019 mooted as the project leaders have now apparently been given the green light to triple the 600-person team.

The internal project is codenamed Titan, and comes after Apple spent a more than a year investigating the feasibility of an Apple-branded car.

Apple already has the software brains needed to power its own vehicles, after launching CarPlay, its in-car operating system, back in March 2014.

The service will allow drivers to use popular apps and services such as Siri and iTunes whilst driving, and will be available on all Lightning-enabled iPhones, with Apple already signing up most of the world’s major car manufacturers to include CarPlay in their upcoming vehicles.

Cook referenced CarPlay during last night’s talk in California, noting the comforting and entertaining effect that users can enjoy from using their devices in a vehicle.

“We want people as they enter the car to have an iPhone experience,” he said.

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