Swatch Is Developing A Smartwatch Battery That Lasts For Six Months

Swiss watchmaker says new batteries will last far longer than the Apple Watch

One of the major issues facing smartwatches could soon be solved thanks to a new breakthrough from iconic watchmaker Swatch.

The Swiss manufacturer has revealed that its upcoming wearable technology devices will feature a battery life that last up to six months.

This puts it streets ahead of other leading devices such as the Apple Watch, which currently offers less than a day’s battery life.

mark hayek swatch ©getty imagesAdvantage

The news was confirmed by Swatch CEO Nick Hayek (pictured left) in an interview with Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung, where he said the new batteries could also be implemented into smart cars.

“Whoever brings a battery for a smartwatch to the market that you don’t need to charge for six months has a competitive advantage,” he stated.

“We’re working intensively on this problem with our research group Belenos and battery producer Renata. Next year we will come to the market with a revolutionary battery, not only for watches but also for automobiles.”

A Swatch spokesperson confirmed Hayek’s comments, which could see the company strike a major blow to its rivals in the smartwatch market.

Swatch confirmed in March that it would be launching its own wearable technology devices, primarily focusing on using NFC (near-field communication) technology, which can be used to make payments and sync up with a companion smartphone.

This includes a range of sports-themed “Swatch Touch” smartwatches, which will be able to pair up with smartphones using a Bluetooth connection, and come with a watch that last for ‘months’ without needing to be changed.

The first devices were set to go on sale this month, costing around 135 Swiss francs (£99), but so far are still under wraps.

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