Two Thirds Of Brits Have Never Heard Of Smart Homes

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Lack of knowledge and interest holding UK consumers from connected smart technology, Context survey finds

Despite the world becoming a smarter and more connected place with each day that passes, it seems that many Britons are still to discover the full potential of smart technology.

A study by analyst firm Context found that 62 percent of UK consumers haven’t heard of the term ‘Smart Home’.

Of those that did, the respondents said that they expect the kitchen to become the smartest room in the house, followed by their bedrooms and then the living room, showing the range of potential for manufacturers.


smart homesThe report, which surveyed 1,500 consumers across the UK, France and Germany, found that both a lack of knowledge and a fear over high costs were holding many consumers back. Overall, 60 percent of UK respondents highlighted a lack of knowledge as a key reason for not buying, while 59 percent simply weren’t interested in smart products.

However UK consumers are willing to spend more than their European counterparts, with 11 percent prepared to spend up to £1,000 and seven percent willing to invest over £1,000 in new technology.

Up to £150 appears to be the current ‘sweet-spot’ with just under a third (32 percent) opting for this amount when considering future purchases. Just over one in five (23 percent) are happy to commit to products that cost up to £250.

“The smart home market is a dynamic one with exciting new products coming to market.  This also brings complexity with new categories of devices, new operating systems, new partnerships and new competitors,” said Adam Simon, global managing director of retail at Context.

“Picking, pricing and promoting the right product at the right time has a huge commercial impact on brands and our research will help retailers, technology vendors, resellers and service providers understand and adapt to consumer perceptions.”

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