Satya Nadella: Microsoft Can Make Your Business More Productive

Windows 10 is just the start of Microsoft’s vision for increase productivity, CEO Satya Nadella says

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has laid out his vision for how his company’s devices can bring on a new era of productivity both at work and at home.

Speaking at the company’s Future Decoded event in London today, Nadella talked through how devices such as Windows Phones and the Surface Pro 4 can link with its latest software developments to provide a user experience with more productivity benefits than ever before.

“In all this abundance of computing we have, what is still missing is human attention and time,” he noted, setting out Microsoft’s plan to help people progress and be more productive in using their day.

All change

satya nadella keynoteNadella stated that Microsoft’s mission is to empower every individual and organisation on the planet to achieve more through using its technology, facilitating the “mobility of human experience across all the computing in our lives”.

The company has released a whole host of new products and services recently, including the likes of Windows 10 and the Surface Pro 4, along with its Office 2016 software suite back in September.

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Windows 10 is full of tools to allow both businesses and individuals to boost their connectivity and productivity, Nadella noted, walking the audience through some of the key tools he uses on an everyday basis, including Delve and PowerBI analytics, the former of which is now also able to monitor and collect data on how a user spends their workday by analysing the time spent answering emails or in meetings.

“For me…one of the key things that has changed is how we are using our own tools to drive a new culture at Microsoft,” Nadella said.

Revealing that he uses a Lumia 950 XL as his personal mobile device, Nadella demonstrated how Windows 10’s Continuum feature allows a PC-like experience across devices, including an in-depth Outlook client to get the most out of email, and office programs such as PowerPoint to provide rich presentation features.

“The history of our industry in punctuated by category creation moments,” Nadella noted, mentioning previous advances such as graphic user interfaces and touch-sensitive displays, and highlighting how advances such as HoloLens and Windows Hello would push continue to push this innovation forward.

“What we are doing…speaks to that vision of changing more personal computing and inventing new personal computers”

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