Intel Unveils VR And 4K-Focused 10-Core i7 CPU


Intel lifts lid on new Broadwell family at Computex, including 10-core Extreme Edition ‘mega-tasker’ ready for 4K, gaming, and virtual reality

Intel has wheeled out its first ever 10-core desktop processor, specially optimised for handling virtual reality and 4K display workloads.

The Core i7 6950X was unveiled alongside Intel’s new line of six-core, eight-core and 10-core CPUs at this week’s Computex trade show in Taiwan. The CPU is the flagship ‘Extreme’ chip for Intel’s Broadwell i7 family.

“It’s designed not just for multi-tasking, but also for mega-tasking,” said Intel vice president Gregory Bryant. “Enthusiasts expect to push their systems with multiple compute intensive applications at the same time. That’s exactly what we’ve delivered.”


virtual reality headsetIntel claims the chip can deliver 35 percent fast multi-threaded performance than the previous generation’s Haswell Intel Core i7-5960X, and all core variants will have a base clock speed of at least 3GHz. Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology can push this to 3.5GHz.

Bryant also boasted about the chip’s virtual reality credentials.

“The Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition delivers a fantastic experience with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive,” he said.

“So whether gaming or creating in VR environments, gamers and enthusiasts can count on the most vivid, immersive or realistic experiences possible now – and be ready for what’s to come.”

The chip’s release comes in a waning PC market, so highlights the ongoing potential for specialised, high-power CPUs for gaming, video, and VR enthusiasts. Intel claims to have shipped $1 billion worth of its ‘unlocked’ CPUs so far, processors that can be overclocked by users to boost its potential.

“Gamers aren’t the only ones who need amazing performance. It’s never been easier to capture ultra hi-def video from phones and cameras, but creating and editing a film or video from all that raw 4K footage is a complex, processing-intensive endeavor,” Bryanr continued

“With the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition, professional and novice filmmakers alike can edit in native 4K, create stunning visual effects and compose music on a system that’s up to the task. With up to 10 cores and 20 threads of performance, it’s possible to work on virtually every aspect of a project simultaneously. Here, mega-tasking means staying in the groove without the system becoming a roadblock.”

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